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Jeff Klepinger, EDT - 95% of Horses don't need Sedation! Ask me how?
  I want to share with you a basic float done without sedation. You will notice that the horse is a little skeptical at first but once he realizes I am relieving the pain by the end he will pretty much let me do anything I need to do. The owner of this horse thought it would be more difficult and I would need sedation. 

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Equine Dentist no sedation!
Floating by Jeff Klepinger, EDT


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      Illustration pointing out some of the effects of not having your horse floated on a regular basis. Floating your horse on a regular basis will eliminate serious problems like Wave Mouth, Rostral Hooks and Caudal Hooks. Making sure that food and grass isn't stuck in between teeth will prevent Periodontal Disease and Pockets.

Extracted tooth due to periodontal pocket causing the root of the tooth to decay.