Jeff Klepinger, EDT - Prices - Orange Park, FL
Jeff Klepinger, EDT - 95% of Horses don't need Sedation! Ask me how?

Prices for Services for year 2019!
     We are offering prices of $150 per horse for horses outside our 100 mile radius (see trip fees below) if booking online.
 Basic floating  covers: Hooks, Ramps, Waves, Canine reduction, Tarter removal and Balancing of the molar arcade.

                    Basic Float                                                       $150.00
                    Cap Removal                                                   $15.00 per cap
                    Wolf Teeth Removal                                      $30.00 per tooth
                    Incisor Reduction/Realignment                 $60.00
                    Emergency Fee                                               $75.00
                   Molar Extractions                       Minimum $200+
                    Extractions require a Veterinarian to be there for sedating and seeing over the extraction. You can use a Vet of your choice or we can recommend one.
* Trip fees are included in basic float price unless outside 100 mile radius. Then a 3 horse minimum for every 100 miles traveled from zip code 32065 are applied or at a rate of $1.15 per mile one way plus fees for services. No charge for return mileage!

  If horses are seen as recommended we will lock you in at agreed upon rate.

    We consider our rates to be reasonable for the services you receive. We are dedicated to the comfort of your horse(s). We guarantee your satisfaction and each horse is insured up to $2,000.00, any additional insurance is up to the owner of the horse to provide.

                                        Coverage Area!